EyeOnBI.org is part of an effort to return Beth Israel Deaconess to its founding principles and ensure that the administration is putting the interests of patients, workers and community members first. Read more

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center was founded with the mission of service to community, compassionate care, and a work environment based on mutual respect and collaboration. For more than 100 years, Greater Boston has celebrated BIDMC’s contributions to our community and generations of our families have benefited through employment and quality care.

Eye on BI is concerned that under the current administration, BIDMC has lost sight of its original ideals, raising questions as to whether the hospital has strayed from its mission toward corporate style medicine.

Eye on BI believes that in order to make sure BIDMC continues to be one of the best possible places to provide and receive care; we must join in addressing problems and creating effective solutions. Eye on BI is an effort to inspire action and accountability to ensure that the hospital administration puts the needs of patients, workers and community members first.

Among the most important issues is the hospital administration’s treatment of their own caregivers. One in six Boston jobs is in healthcare. Boston wins when hospital workers have good, family-sustaining jobs, patients are ensured quality care and our city’s middle class expands.

When hospital workers join together as a union, they have the ability to advocate for improved jobs and patient care, to blow the whistle when necessary, to defend fair hospital funding, to pass legislation that protects patients and workers, to stand up for their families, and to ensure the healthcare needs of our Greater Boston communities are being met.

BIDMC’s CEO Paul Levy has argued that hospital workers do not need a union voice, and that criticism of his administration’s recent business practices constitutes an attack on the hospital itself.

Levy is the only hospital CEO in Greater Boston who has publicly attacked the idea of allowing hospital employees to make up their own minds on the issue of whether to unite as a union. Instead, he has endorsed a campaign of intimidation and coercion through the hiring of anti-union consultants that we believe have wasted patient care dollars and put tremendous pressure on an already stressed workforce while taking the focus off delivering care.

Addressing the hospital’s ongoing problems is the only way that we can work together towards enduring solutions. Among those solutions is ensuring that hospital workers have a free and fair election process to form unions if they so choose, and to ensure that resources are not wasted on fear and intimidation campaigns that violate workers’ rights and take the focus away from patient care.